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321 Conveyor

Customizable conveyor systems that incorporate a modular design approach and construction. Our conveyors can integrate to any size of manufacturing space. Constructed with maintenance personnel in mind, the elegant design reduces maintenance downtime and cost.

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Breakdown Hoist

Robust design will accommodate full bunks of 16’ material. Hoist incorporates strategic engineering principles to minimize moving components for a reduction in cycle time and energy consumption. Our breakdown hoist can be configured to accommodate each grade of material for reduction in changeover times.

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Lug Table

Iron-clad design and construction accommodates years of abuse. The lug table is the brawn of a finger joint line which is why we build ours like a tank. Rebuildable steel lug chain, hardened bed rail inserts with adjustable positioning, and integral bracketry for adhesive applicator mounting just to name a few accolades.

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Shaper Towers

Seamless integration to the lug table, our bomb proof shaper towers incorporate state-of-the-art design to provide the easiest most reliable system to date. Tower design incorporates dual cast iron ways, absolute digital indicators for each movement axis, removable dust shrouds, hybrid positive pressure hold-down, high speed gear belt spindle, 40hp drive coupled with VFD capabilities all housed in custom enclosure. Our shaper towers are built to stand the test of time.

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Consistent geometry creates uniform transition from lug table to the “Que”. Serious consideration is taken during the engineering phase of each que to allow for adequate material staging in process. This drastically reduces the down time during bunk change over.


Changing path of trajectory takes place here. Corner construction incorporates proven mechanics, geometry, timing and driving force to maintain constant feed of material downstream.

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Makeup Section

Uniquely engineered to minimize the catastrophe of mis-matched joints. The continuous constraint system ensures positive pressure is applied to the material for a properly aligned joint. Integrated automatic adjustment to reduce changeover between material sizes.

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Built utilizing tried and true methods, the crowder drive rollers are mechanically coupled to provide a 5% speed variance to ensure each joint is properly mated. Base construction of 1.5” steel plate, limited slip drive rollers and 75hp VFD gearmotor drive. To say the crowder is heavy duty would be an understatement.

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RF Generators/Tunnels

Strict engineering, design and fabrication result in electro-mechanical perfection. Streamline design minimizes footprint to include RF generator/ tunnel as singular unit. Integrated “recipe load” feature reduces time during size change and will accommodate 2×4”-2×12” material. PLC driven adjustment for air gap capacitor, carriage positioning and diagnostic acquisition. The Stout-Bond RF Generator is highly efficient thus reducing cure times by up to 80% from traditional methods.

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Similar construction to the crowder, this section utilizes mechanically driven drive rollers to assist movement through the RF Generators/ Tunnels. During size change of material Retract section assists in removal of material from the RF Generators/ Tunnels. Modular framework lends to integration to any line.

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Proof Loader

Proof is in the pudding. Monitor, validate and collect data for each passing joint while at line speed. Closed loop feedback ensures that the flying saw is given appropriate information when making a cut. Equipped with automatic spray head, alarms and data acquisition ensures that material ran can be used. Develop efficiency reporting from data logs to accurately track material throughput during production cycles

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Flying Cut-Off Saw

Speed makes a difference. Elegantly designed to ensure high precision during cut cycle. Driven by an intelligent servo we ensure the flying saw can keep up, even with the fastest finger jointers. Incorporates symmetric dust collection outlets to accommodate any collection configuration, safety guarding, localized pneumatics and maintenance access panels.

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High Speed Roller

Move that material out of the way. Gear-motor driven, our high speed roller will ensure that once material is complete at flying saw that it will be moved downstream in a timely manner. Modular construction remains a constant, right down to the very end of the line. Simplistic integration to new and/or existing infrastructure.

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